Algemene voorwaarden

  • Every pilot must report to the Circuitfun secretariat before the start of the sessions on the chosen circuit day.
    After payment and the signing and handing over of the "waiver of recourse" document, your participation is final. You will also receive this document by email along with the timing for the day for the circuit day.
    You will receive a participation number according to the registered group. The organization has the right to rearrange each pilot according to the level if necessary.
    There is a mandatory technical Check of the motor before you are granted access to the circuit. Attention is paid to the condition of the brake and release lever, brakes, tires, footrests and any leaks or other defects. (On certain circuits a DB killer is mandatory, if relevant this is included in the technical check)
    With an "OK" you will receive a sticker that gives you access to the circuit. Without this sticker you will be denied access to the circuit.
    Lights and mirrors on the engine must be taped or dismantled.
    The organization has the right to refuse motorbikes or pilots access to the circuit at any time if they do not meet the conditions set by CIRCUITFUN.
    Before the start of the sessions there is a mandatory briefing with all info and course about the circuitfun circuit day. In the event of non-participation in the mandatory briefing, or non-compliance with the agreements of the aforementioned briefing, the organization is free to deny the pilot access to the circuit.
    Upon registration, each participant receives a transponder for the time registration. This transponder remains the property of Chronologics. If the transponder is damaged or not brought in, the cost will be charged to the participant concerned.
    Our priority is safety for everyone.
  • Protective clothing is MANDATORY!
    A 1-piece suit or 2-piece suit (ZIPPED TO EACH OTHER)
    Fall helmet (preferably an integral helmet)
    Motorcycle boots
    A back protector is required! And this for your own safety !!!!
    The organization is in no way responsible in the event of accidents.
    All damage to the infrastructure on and around the circuit will be invoiced to the person concerned.
    Terms of payment
    The chosen circuit day is only valid after receipt of payment.
    Only after registering at the secretariat on the day itself and signing and handing over of the "waiver of recourse" and the technical inspection on the chosen circuit day will the registration be final and you will be admitted to the event.
    No reimbursement is possible if the pilot is canceled. They do have the right to be replaced by another pilot if the organization has been informed in advance.
    Cancellation up to 1 month before the start of the chosen circuit day will be converted into a "voucher" whereby € 20 administrative costs will be deducted.
    In case of cancellation less than 1 month before the start of the chosen circuit day, the registration fee will expire and no "voucher" will be given.
    In exceptional cases, cash payment is possible on site, but an administrative surcharge of € 20 will then be charged to the pilot. This additional cost cannot be recovered.
    Here the registered pilot retains the right to pass on his place to third parties if the organization has been informed in advance.
    In the event of cancellation by the organization before the start of the circuit day, all registration fees will be reimbursed.
    In the event of temporary or permanent cancellation of the circuit day due to force majeure, the organization cannot be held responsible. Therefore, full or partial registration fees cannot be reimbursed.
    One registration is valid for one person.
    When an advance has been paid for an event, the remaining amount must be paid into the "CIRCUITFUN" account by the date communicated. If the remaining amount is not paid, the registration will not be final and the advance paid will lapse. Therefore, no claim can be made for a refund or a "too good" voucher.
    Circuitfun is an organization that organizes friendly meetings for motorcyclists and autopilots on closed circuits. (Circuits)
    The organization Circuitfun is in the hands of vzw Marili.
    Only registered pilots and authorized carriages by Circuitfun may enter the circuit. Offenders are immediately excluded or removed from the circuit.
    Violators are themselves responsible for possible accidents and cannot in any case hold the organization responsible.
    Every participant or visitor must therefore comply with the guidelines of the organization.
    Every participant must wear the necessary safety clothing that the organization puts first. Helmet, boots, gloves, 1-piece or 2-piece suit zipped together.
    Participants with undesirable behavior such as dangerous maneuvers, fighting or the use of alcohol or drugs are immediately excluded from participating in the circuit day. No story is possible here.
    Any form of competition on the circuit is therefore excluded. each pilot must drive with respect for the others. Be sporty !!!
    Every pilot or visitor undertakes to compensate all damage caused and to respect the condition of the sites.
    The organization cannot be held responsible in the event of theft or damage to goods